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You can train skills, but it takes coaching to develop true leadership characters and achieve excellence. Think about Trainee programs for a minute. Raised expectations and exposure to multiple departments costs lots of money and yield poor results. Those who take it serious engage with coaching champions like me, backed with experience and advanced self-awareness to focus on high-potentials to guide them discover their personal strengths.

It is my role to take them in multiple positions to review on their business issues. It is not to reflect their personality, mapping their strength and weakness to start mitigating the last. This is the most devastating mistake in HR, Trainee and Excellence programs. By taking different positions with my clients, they learn to adapt their own behavior and habits to drive their teams or organizations towards success.

Coaching leadership characters takes long-term action. I typically take a trail period to test how far we could get before both sides decide to take long-term action. I usually engage with large corporations to take their leadership development to the next level and some cases, but I take direct mandates for senior leaderships as well.

Many top leaders and excellence programs focus on KPIs, strategies and actions. Successful leaders however, constantly outperform themselves to strive for overall success of their corporate visions. This takes a completely different approach. Coaching is not to copy behavior and admiring role models, chasing KPIs that are not matching your personality. Instead, it is the passion and dedication to become the best version of yourself, cultivate your strengths and get assistance on your weak spots. Admitting your weak spots will value support of true experts to fill your gap, automatically creating a vibrant network. It is an excellent example of how changing yourself is changing your environment. Coaching is the long-term service to become a true champion. To reflect yourself, get a psychotherapist. It might be a valuable addition. In my coaching, I will help you to gain additional insight and to take different ways of looking at things as well as take different directions. You will become fearless to enter unchartered territory, driving positive disruption and develop your true leadership character.

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